When a surprise party interrupts his plans, an anxious man has to find a private moment to confess his feelings for his friend before he moves away the next day.


Ivan Mok (John, Lead)

Andrew Ge (Henry, Lead)

Jason Dennis Lee (Mike, Supporting)


Kevin J. Nguyen (Writer & Director)

Jenine Pastores (Producer)

Vu Hoang (Producer)

Brian M. Tang (Director of Photography)

Justin Ryan Madriaga (Assistant Director)

Jeana Cho (Production Design)


Daily Bruin




JOHN is a hopeless romantic who planned his entire evening around his charismatic friend, HENRY. A blue suit, dinner reservations, and maybe even flowers. It’s Henry’s last night in Los Angeles before moving across the country for a new job, which means it's also John’s final chance to confess his feelings for him once and for all. Everything crumbles when John receives a text message from Henry explaining he’s behind on packing, forcing John to shift his plans and come over to Henry’s apartment.

When John feels like there’s a perfect moment to open up to Henry, he’s interrupted by a ring at the door. “Surprise!” It’s a horde of Henry’s friends throwing him a going away party. Growing more anxious as the night progresses, John desperately tries to find alone time with Henry amidst all the unfamiliar faces competing for his attention. Between the deafening laughter, offhanded comments, and quiet sobbing, John is left wondering how and if he can still make his feelings known before the night is over.   

WHY THIS FILM IS IMPORTANT I grew up watching romantic comedies with my family all the time. I have snapshots of what “true love” should be like burned into my brain since I was a child, albeit mostly unrealistic. Perhaps it was those unattainable expectations that led me to a moment in my life where I fell for a friend and was forced to re-evaluate my perception of boundaries and romance.

Initially, this script was a way to process my feelings, but I soon realized it was a story I don't see often explored in mainstream media - a coming of age film about two gay Asian American friends and how they view relationships and connection. Thus "BLUE SUIT" was born. This film captures a moment in John and Henry's lives right before they step into a new chapter with one another. With the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County as its backdrop, this film leans into a uniquely LA gay Asian American experience. It’s a film about grown ups growing up wrapped up in unspoken romantic feelings. 

There are rarely LGBTQ Asian American stories represented in film and media, especially narratives that explore honest relationships and complicated romantic feelings. I hope to bring this story to life in order to expand what these stories look like through a lens I never saw growing up in film. I want people to watch this film, connect with the characters, and to feel hope, anxiousness, love and heartbreak displayed by two gay Asian American men. In my opinion, storytelling is a way to tell someone, "Your feelings are valid and you are not alone." I hope to do that with "BLUE SUIT."